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My name is Sebastian Bossung, this is my private homepage. I currently live in Cologne, Germany.

In case you feel interested, here is the story of my life: I was born in Marburg (close to Frankfurt), Germany, where I lived until graduating from High School (Martin-Luther-Schule) in 1998.

After High School, I went to Hamburg to study. I received a Bachelor's degree (General Engineering Science) from Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg in fall 2002. I graduated from TUHH with an MSc in Information and Media Technologies in summer of 2004. In 2003 I spent one semester at the Computer Science department of the University of Auckland to do a student project. After my completing my Masters I pursued my PhD and worked as a research assistant at the Software Systems institute of the TUHH. Most of my scientific work is in the general area of modelling. You can find my PhD thesis under publications.

I now work for the Boston Consulting Group in Cologne.

Music is one of my hobbies, both actively and passively. I like to play cello, formerly in the university orchestra SymphonING. I also enjoy photography, you can find some of the results on a separate page. For sports I run and cycle, but there is nowhere to link to.

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